Mental Health Association of San Francisco

TAMHS Project

Promoting internet safety, community builing, an personal wellness.

TAMHS is here to help. We know technology is an important part of daily life, and learning how to utilize technology to support our mental health is equally important. Whether this is learning how to use new technology, navigating different online services and sources, or connecting with others in your community, we are here to support you.

TAMHS was developed during COVID-19 to increase resources in response to increased need for digital mental health support. Help@Hand is a collaboration between agencies and counties throughout California as part of a statewide initiative.

In collaboration with this statewide initiative of Help@Hand.
TAMHS stands for Technology-Assisted Mental Health Solutions. We at MHASF are proud to partner with the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) and the California Mental Health Services (CalMHSA) on this innovation project.

TAMHS is designed to reduce barrier to digital mental health support for San Franciscans, particularly TAY (Transitional Age Youth) and Transgender community members. We have multiple accessible, no-cost resources to support mental wellness and overall wellbeing.

Promoting internet safety, community builing, an personal wellness.

San Francisco residents will be able to access three community resources through the TAMHS project:

  • Digital Literacy Education Trainings
    Access to Headspace premium at no-cost
    Mental health-based technology to support mental wellness
TAMHS Project
TAMHS created a 12-part Digital Literacy Education series to share information on relevant technology, mental health, and how they connect. The 12-part trainings series includes workshops on navigating online platforms, finding resources, cyberbullying, tech usage to promote wellness, computer skills, and online safety.