Peer Providers Clinical Integration

Recovery through peer-based counseling & case management

Peer Providers work together with licensed mental health clinicians, service professionals, and mental health care teams to provide on-going, short-term (60-day), intensive case management and support to clients experiencing pre-, post-, and acute crises. Our peers are integrated within the continuum of support and services to stabilize and connect individuals with on-going help. We currently partner with organizations and agencies in San Francisco, Marin County, and Sacramento.

Peer Providers also conduct outreach and engagement to individuals living with mental health challenges who might not be interested in services but could benefit from them. We also provide acute mental health crises response in the community.

Peer Providers Clinical Integration

What peer support & services for individuals includes
  • Defining recovery goals and the steps one can take
  • Connection to community services, groups, and peers
  • Finding opportunities for learning and education
  • Teaching and practicing self-care and coping skills
  • Making and attending appointments with service providers
  • Developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®)
  • Developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®)
  • Skills training in developing supportive relationships
  • Client Advocacy
On-going services & support

Depending on one’s goals for recovery and support needs, peers may continue to receive extended peer support after the completion of the short-term (60-day) transition period. The length of service ranges between an additional 60 to 90 days.

Accessing Services & Eligibility

Currently, we only work with community agencies and healthcare organizations through joint partnerships. Please contact your case management agency, healthcare provider, or insurance provider to find out if they are a partner organization. If your organization is interested in providing this service through a partnership with MHASF, contact Director of Peer Services, Erik Henriques at

For behavioral health crises in Marin County, contact the Mobile Crisis Response Team at (415) 473-6392.